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《这一切都会过去》创作合辑 歌曲音乐评论篇 Music Review

And I had a pleasant surprise yesterday as someone actually mailed me a copy of the album 《这一切都会过去》创作合辑. It seemed like this someone who has been reading my blog knows I am looking for that album and graciously helped me with it so I could spend less time hunting for it in the middle of my work and all, so firstly, my thanks to this someone.

In my review of this album, I will only be focusing on these three newcomers because they stir my greatest interest as they are not only Singaporeans, they are also attempting to make some breakthrough in the industry I am most concerned with on this blog - music and entertainment.

I did a research on the Internet and found that the three of them have some sort of an artiste profile on
Sifon Music website so I decided to put the profiles here as well. Let's take a look at their backgrounds before we hear how they sound like on the album.

姓 名 :黄 业 翔 ,Alfred
生 日 :4 月 2 日
星 座 :白 羊 座
血 型 : O 型
身 高 :177 cm
体 重 : 68 kg
兴 趣 : 歌 唱 ,跳 舞 ,打 球 ,健 身
语 言 : 英 语 , 华 语
个 人 荣 誉 :
2001-2004 曾夺下多项青少年国际公开赛拉丁舞冠军
2005 新 秀 卡 拉 OK 歌 唱 大 赛 冠 军
2005 第 七 届 木 船 民 谣 歌 厅 歌 唱 大 赛 亚 军
2005 新 传 媒 Superband 亚 军
2008 全 国 超 级 K 歌 大 赛 冠 军
2008 云 顶 Be A Star歌唱大赛季军,最佳舞台魅力奖
2008 第四届香港亚太区,新马印泰汶中港澳大决赛季军
2009 十方唱将国际流行音乐大赛冠军
喜 欢 的 颜 色 : 白 , 红
最 喜 欢 的 食 物 : 妈 妈 煮 的 食 物
最 喜 欢 的 水 果 : 苹 果
最 喜 欢 的 歌 手 : Rain
欣 赏 的 艺 人 : 李 连 杰
最 喜 欢 的 动 物 :狗 , 龙 猫
最 喜 欢 的 电 影 : 好 电 影 就 喜 欢
最 想 表 演 的 地 方 : 北 京 鸟 巢

My comments: This guy likes to exercise, which is a good thing, since he seems to be portrayed as a dancer for most of his music and entertainment gigs and exposures. He has consistently done well in various competitions since 2001 until 2009, snagging either the champion, 1st runner up or 2nd runner up positions. This is a major plus to his future exploits as he seems constantly in practice and in form for singing and dancing. There is ambition in him as well because he actually wanted to perform at the Beijing "Bird Nest" Stadium. Accordingly to what I know of that place, only the best and most influential will get invited to perform at that venue.

黄业翔 sang on the album - Song Number 1: 《这一切都会过去》
How I felt after listening to the song:

It uses a range of themes very similar to those from the Chinese Rock and Roll 中国摇滚, which speaks of love and separation, growth and maturity, transcendence of time and even contains a satirical jab at the income inequality of the modern society. The chorus of the song repeats itself with its title
这一切都会过去 as if to try and quantify that nothing is permanent in the midst of all these temporal ideas of love and wealth. 黄业翔 is able to deliver this song with confidence in the KTV music video, with his slick dance moves and a small group of backup dancers.

I really think this song is meant for the listeners in mainland China because it does not seem to sit well with Singaporeans who are more influenced by Taiwanese mandarin pop music. There is a certain level of maturity in the song, which
may be harder to grasp for the younger listeners if they do not understand the meaning behind the lyrics. Initially, I thought 黄业翔 is not exactly the best choice for such a song but on hindsight, I believe the album producer picked him for his ability to deliver the song in a rock and roll format which should have certain resonance in mainland China. This will be a very interesting attempt for a Singaporean to deliver 中国风 and it remains to be seen until the album is released in China itself. I wouldn't be surprised to see this song grow in popularity in those pubs and cafes with rock bands.

1997-2001 模特儿走秀及担任杂志模特儿
2001 儿童电视剧 《IQ档案》
2002-2004 儿童资讯节目 《IN 一代》
2002 电视连续剧《小孩不笨》
2002电视 广告 肯德基家乡鸡
2004 儿童电视剧 《爸爸向前冲》
2004 电视剧 《我爱我家真情实录 之 不带伞的男人》
2004 电视连续剧 《甜蜜风暴》(月亮的秘密)
2004 电视广告 家具站
1996-2009 :
2006 选美比赛 Universal Royalty Pageant 总冠军
最喜欢的歌手:Kelly Clarkson、萧亚轩、소녀시대、Super Junior
最喜欢的电影:A Walk To Remember、Lord of the Rings

My comments: This girl definitely has that star appeal appearance - bright-eyed, good complexion and a good smile to boot. If the profile is accurate as it says, she is one talented girl who can act, sing, dance, design, flim and draw. From what I could recollect, only a very small handful of artistes come close to such an impressive repertoire of skills. Her music and entertainment career started at 1996 and she seems to participating in modeling, acting, advertisements, beauty pageants, singing and dancing competitions. Her interests seem to be those of a neighborly girl-next-door but her vast experience speaks otherwise. I believe she is another interesting new artiste to watch out for in the coming years.

What 叶慧馨 sang on the album - Song Number 4: 《将你的心装上翅膀》
How I felt after listening to the song:

I tried searching for the title of the song on the Google Search Engine and I realized the title of this song is a very popular phrase on the mainland Chinese websites. Needless to say, this is another song deliberated for the audience of mainland China. The song, however, sounded more light-hearted as it sings of freedom and of being oneself, which more or less speak for the song title. There are plenty of references to nature - blue skies, white clouds, green forests, which is easily recognized as common motifs used for simple country-styled songs. It provides a good contrast to the earlier songs which sounded heavier and it's a refreshing break from most of the love ballads that are floating on the market right now.

seems the ideal choice for this song because of her girl-next-door look and although the music video looked a little bit awkward at certain shots due to the overly-lush background greener against a smaller-framed singer, its simplicity was a clever stroke when laid alongside with this song.

Initially, I thought the song was suitable for only country music lovers but I thought the song can go far enough to reach be a nice complement for products and services based on natural themes and even be a song attached to those idol dramas because of its light tunes and catchy phrases. Also, I can imagine quite a number of female singers in the market who can sing this song too since it's technically not that difficult so it remains a question on whether this female newcomer can stamp her own unique style to make the song truly hers to own.

血型:B+ 型
• 2004-2007 校内表演,主持和各场比赛参与
• 2008 Teenage Icon 歌唱比赛参与
• 2004-2007 校内,个人歌唱比赛, 亚
学校代表,团体歌唱比赛, 亚
最喜欢的歌手:张栋樑,林忆莲,Ayumi Hamasaki
最喜欢的电影:空恋,The Pursuit Of Happiness,Transformers

My comments: This girl seems to have least experience amongst the three newcomers with interests comparable to most girls and having her first foray into music and entertainment from 2004 with her most prominent competition participation in Teenage Icon 2008. The picture profile looks a little mundane and I really thought there is still room for improvement on how she could have been photographed. The content profile also does not give that much details as I would like to know more about other things like either her aspirations or her special talents in any area.

What 黄秀莹 sang in the album - Song Number 2: 《爱你上了瘾》
How I felt after listening to the song:

This is a soft rock song which played emphasized on the singer's ability to reach the high notes in a good projection of her voice. There is quite a few references to liquor as if the song is trying to say that falling in love is as good as being addicted to liquor. I think this song is meant for a market of adult listeners and I can imagine this song to be played at many KTV lounges either as a live band song or as the background song for such places or even as an advertisement jingle for liquor beverages because of the sleazy tune behind the song, coupled by the suggestive lyrics.

黄秀莹 has a very suitable voice for such genres of songs because I thought she could really dip into the emotions behind those themes with her singing and I cannot think of how the other two young newcomers can manage such a song with an equally convincing performance on the music video.

The song has a tinge of Moulin Rouge in it, and yet carefully balances the sense of sensuality without tipping over. It takes a while to get used to such songs but just like the previous two songs, it can grow on you if you allow your mind to be opened up on difference genres of singing the same themed songs on social happiness, freedom and nature and love and intoxication.

Overview of these three songs:

As the album is marketed as a compilation, with majority of the songs being oldies or written in ways that are not easily understood by generations born after 1980s, there is a slight danger that these three songs may ended up being drowned out by those more contemporary pop songs heavily marketed by the larger music companies. Personally, I thought these songs are pretty suitable for each of these young singers and depending on the efforts of their music production companies, they still stand a chance in getting the word out that they are the new kids on the block.

For these three songs in total, I would rate a 6.5 out of 10. They did not really strike resoundingly on originality or creativity in song composition or lyrics usage but they are durable on my ears, which means I won't get sick of listening to them as quickly as some of the other heavily-commercialized songs on the market.

End of review. ^__^

Friday, October 23, 2009

Upcoming Album and New Local Artistes of Interest in《这一切都会过去》创作合辑

Yes, I know. It's been quite some time since I have blogged about anything related to local music and entertainment because nothing recent seems to be catching my blogging interest since The One Million Star Season 5 Competition in Taiwan has ended and our various contestants from Singapore have returned victorious and experienced.

ntil a couple of days ago, my habitual reading of entertainment news on the web has caught a series of articles about a new compilation album from a local songwriter and album producer 黄宏墨 and it's been quite some time since this person is active on the news as he has always been busy with his music school 十方乐廊”(Sifon Music) and its competition 《十方唱将国际流行音乐大赛》.

Yet something new seemed to be moving on the landscape as there is mention of three newly-minted local artistes whom he is grooming to be future stars...

Interestingly, he has even included these three young artistes in his latest album 《这一切都会过去》创作合辑 and being one of the entertainment bloggers in Singapore, I ran a check on the articles and found out that one of them
, 黄业翔, is the elder brother of Renfred Ng (黄业伦), the male first-runner up for Campus Superstar Season One (Rings a bell in any reader's head?)

The other two female artistes 叶慧馨 and 黄秀莹 being groomed are relatively unknown in the singing and entertainment circle in Singapore but I do heard that the former seemed to have acted in a couple of MediaCorp Singapore's television serials as a child actor. I took the liberty to include their photos here from both and for the reading convenience of my blog readers. As per usual for disclaimers, I don't earn a single cent from my blogging so there's no monetary profit in for me.

From clockwise upper left hand corner, we have the experienced local song and music producer, Huang Hong Mo, followed by Huang Ye Xiang
(黄业翔) , Alfred, followed by Ye Hui Xin (叶慧馨)and finally Huang Xiu Ying (黄秀莹) . The photo isn't very clear but there is a article floating around on the Internet waves, which I have included at the bottom of my blog post for more reading convenience of my readers.

This picture shows 黄宏墨 on the guitar giving 黄业翔 some practice on his singing. I have seen Alfred in action before as a member of Soul from Superband competition but this seemed like a rare picture of him concentrating on singing rather than dancing? Interesting.

I am not very sure what these two ladies can do, be it singing or dancing or etc, but I suppose since they are handpicked by 黄宏墨 for the compilation album, they must be worth their salt in their respective area(s) of expertise. Well, they do look radiant and confident for this photograph, which at least shows they are not camera shy.
This 叶慧馨 was quoted that her role model is Elva Hsiao (萧亚轩)while 黄秀莹's role model is Sandy Lam (林忆莲) . Those are hard targets to reach. Will be looking forward to see what they can do in the album once I get hold of it.
A pretty nice group shot of the album producer and these three upcoming young artistes. I put their names up on the search engines and it seems that they are having some local radio interviews as well as a roadshow:


地点:兀兰区域图书馆(900 Woodlands Drive,#01-03,Woodlands Civic Centre)

I have not gotten hold of this compilation album from the CD shops yet so there is still no way to know about their vocal capabilities. Let's hope they can sing well and make their way to represent Singapore eventually on the world stage.

(Article and Image Source:

(Image Source:





二人接受新动网专访时,黄宏墨透露,他的公司“十方乐廊”(Sifon Music)今年4月举办了《十方唱将国际流行音乐大赛》,业翔勇夺冠军。







Soul成员Ishi突离世 导致Soul解散?




两位女新人叶慧馨和黄秀莹 歌声打动黄宏墨





Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthday Celebrations with The Married Soldier

We had a belated birthday celebrations for The Married Soldier and settled for the first round of celebrations - Dim Sum lunch at Dragon Gate Restaurant at Harbourfront Centre. Arriving at around 12 noon, we began ordering those tiny baskets of dim sum and starting chatting and cracking jokes over the food, which includes all sorts of prawn and meat dumplings, chicken feet in sauce, soups, vegetables, fried carrot cakes, desserts, lots of tea. They all tallied up to over 30 plates or baskets and very full stomachs when lunch finally ended at 2.30pm.

The gals in the VIP group were itching to go for some shopping at VivoCity next door so the men in the group went off to find electronic games to browse at. The guys moved in to the various outlets which sell computer and console games, talking about Fallout 3, Little Big Planet, Heavenly Sword, etc before settling down back at Harbourfront Centre's MacDonald to wait for nearly one hour before the gals came back with their shopping bounties in hand.

Originally, the group wanted to go to West Coast Park's MacDonald for afternoon tea but eventually decided on going to The Changed Man's house to slack in the lethargic hours of the evening so we hopped over to Cold Storage and stashed up on tidbits and drinks and left in the various vehicles to the destination.

Inside The Changed Man's house, the Playstation 3 was dragged out and everyone started to gather around to watch the guys take turn to play the games. I was cajoled into playing Little Big Planet - the game with the brown sack-like doll and I was really bad with those console games as I was not used to using the console controllers (am more of a mouse and click person). So my character inside ended up the entertainer of the afternoon as he struggled to climb those skateboards for races and to jump onto and hang onto dear life those biscuit-looking things on ropes to clear two adventures, collecting stickers and bonuses and laughing at the strange dialogues in-game.

We had a short dinner of orange juice, cakes, sushi and potatoes chips at around 9pm before one of the gals started lamenting we had missed out the West Coast Park portion of the celebrations. Without any violent objections from the rest of the VIPs, we moved off again to West Coast Park for a night stroll. On reaching there, it was unsurprisingly crowded because it was Deepavali and there were many groups of people on the grass, having picnics and even playing with sparklers. The whole group took a leisurely walk through the park, talking about their year-end trips to various parts of the world and about what they intend to buy over there.

Celebrations finally ended at around 10.30pm and everyone headed home for a good night's rest. No photos were taken because the birthday boy always did not like photo-taking to interrupt with the day's activities.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Afternoon Tea with The Modest Insomniac Facebook Application - Dungeon & Dragons: Tiny Adventures

Afternoon Tea with The Modest Insomniac:

I met up with one of my Facebook friends for the first time for an afternoon tea whom I shall henceforth name as The Modest Insomnia because she is suffering from some sleep problems but has been modest about how she describes herself and her life.

We met at an undisclosed Coffee Bean outlet to order some hot caramel tea and double chocolate ice-blended on a Saturday afternoon and settled down chit-chatting about online auctions, foreign immigrants in Singapore, books and work for about an hour before hopping over to one of the community libraries to try and find some essayist from Taiwan whose works she highly recommended to me. Unfortunately, those books were on loan and we have to find them some other time.

We walked around and found an ice-cream parlor and decided to try out some of the flavors offered - Rum and Raisins and another flavor which I had given up trying to spell (P....something) and a second hour was spent there eating and talking about countries with cold weather, shopping, Facebooking and other small talk.

The afternoon tea concluded and we went about our own ways as the Modest Insomniac was trying to look for some stylish winter clothes for her overseas work assignment at the end of the year. Compared to some of the really demanding people I have met up with, the Modest Insomniac is a nice enough person who can joke around with and I suppose she will be a definite candidate when the next opportunity for a leisure afternoon out comes along.

Facebook Application - Dungeons & Dragons: Tiny Adventures

I am currently playing a game using a Facebook application called Dungeons and Dragons: Tiny Adventures and it brings back fond memories of how the original board game was played during my younger school days. Dungeons and Dragons are considered by many experienced role-playing gamers as one of the first organized formats where the genre itself was created from.

Though this application is a mere simplified version of the original, the player still gets his/her share of fun deciding which class of character to play and by going on quests and adventures, gain experience and more importantly, valuable and powerful equipment to use until the character retires at level 11. The application uses a method where one can transfer one piece of equipment or weapon from a previous-generation character to the next-generation character.

My current character is a 3rd-generation Human Druid called Earthmaius who did quite badly for his earlier character levels but slowly gained strength and stability. The two characters which I used were an Eladrin Female Paladin and a Male Dragonborn Warrior. Earthmaius now packs quite a punch at his late stage development and is ready to retire and pass on one of the game's most valuable item called the Mithral Shirt of Corellon.

Personally, I would recommend this game to my blog readers who have an interest in understanding how Dungeon and Dragons works in a simplified and easy-to-understand application to try out the game, which does not really require much maintenance and attention since whenever the character is out on adventure, there is almost nothing much to do except wait for the adventure's encounters are over, occasionally switching equipment only if one prefers to micro-manage one's character.

Overall, it provides some good entertainment because whenever the character succeeds or fails an encounter in an adventure, there will be paragraphs describing the characters' intelligent or foolhardy actions, which makes for some reading fun. Here's an example:

Encounter 3: Castle (Constructs)
While searching one of the impossibly many rooms of the wizards tower, Earthmaius found a seven foot tall, half-sculpted clay statue of a dragonborn warrior. The lower portion of its left arm and the left side of its chest and head were still unsculpted. However, its unfinished state did not stop it from lurching to life and attacking Earthmaius.
Earthmaius made an Attack Bonus check with a difficulty of 28 . . . and rolled 30
The golem slammed its fist into Earthmaius's chest, knocking him against the wall. For his reply, Earthmaius plagued it in its head. The creature's half-formed head smacked against the ground and the battle was won. Earthmaius continued his search, content that he was now truly alone in the room.
Earthmaius took 6 damage.
Earthmaius received 153 XP and 33 gold.
Earthmaius received a Dynamic Belt.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Movie Review: Inglorious Basterds (2009), Dinner at Ion Orchard, Mid-Autumn Festival, Amazing Chimpanzee

Movie Review: Inglorious Basterds (2009) (M-18 Rating)




Dinner at Ion Orchard with The Changed Man:
和Changed Man从百忙中找到了能吃个晚餐时段,便到一直都没机会去的Ion Orchard去兜一兜。好奇怪的石头,看起来像个凶恶的怪兽。应该是块风水石吧?
吃的是牛肉面,并没有想象中或传闻中的好吃,不过Ion Orchard 的食阁环境还不错,有好多美丽的人喔!哈哈!


Mid-Autumn Festival 2009:

Amazing Chimpanzee: