Monday, August 31, 2009

第十五届新加坡金曲奖的推介仪式 IMM Jurong East 29 August 2009

Here are the photos that I took for the above-mentioned event. The venue was quite big compared to some of the other local malls and the best part - there are ventilators blowing cooling air at the audience so the weather became a smaller consideration. The event started late at around 3.20pm though - seemed like some of the celebrities were not ready yet.

There were already about thirty odd people gathering around the stage before the crowd got bigger and bigger as the show went on.
The emcees from FM93.3 家发和佩芬 doing what they can to warm the audience up for the event.
The air ventilators were causing a problem for the female emcee 佩芬 because her skirt kept flying up like Marilyn Monroe's and she was trying to keep her skirt down using her emcee scripts. Haha.
第一届非常superband冠军: 迷路兵
FM93.3 音乐总监:冯慧诗
FM93.3 音乐总监:冯慧诗
陈伟联 和 迷路兵
陈伟联 和 迷路兵

For more information on the detailed nominee lists for this music award ceremony, please refer to the official wordpress website at

Saturday, August 29, 2009

超级星光大道5 PK Round 3 Singapore Representatives' Performances

Sorry to keep the interested blog readers waiting. Here are our Singapore representatives' performances televised as of last night in Taiwan:

Yutaki's Performance in 超级星光大道5 PK Round 3:

Kewei's Performance in 超级星光大道5 PK Round 3

Olivia's Performance in 超级星光大道5 PK Round 3

Zhiyang's Performance in 超级星光大道5 PK Round 3

Aijia's Performance in 超级星光大道5 PK Round 3

And the contestant being eliminated is....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

《我要唱下去》22 August 2009 Roadshow at Jurong Point, Melben Seafood Dinner and Clark Quay Desserts with VIPs

《我要唱下去》22 August 2009 Roadshow at Jurong Point:

Been wanting to upload these photos since last Saturday but my uploader refused to cooperate so I had to spend several days to upload them by batches. Sorry for the delay but here it goes:

As usual for most outdoor events, I would arrive early to recon the area and I was there before the majority of the crowd had gathered. I saw Andrew aka Spicymac along with a number of others already standing in front of the stage but I did not approach. I went for my lunch at Coffee Bean instead and took a leisurely one reading newspapers before the event started promptly at 2pm.
This was the host for the Roadshow. I have never seen him before but he was alright.
The guest performers who were supposed to help the audience participants with the songs, from left - Carrie Yeo, Diya Tan, Shawn Tok, Jarod Lee and Teresa Tseng.
The position where I had been occupying was a little obstructed by the decorative plants on the ledge so poor Carrie in this photograph was blocked but you could still see her smile.
The host warmed up the stage by trying to crack some jokes and converse with the guest performers and I believe this was Shawn's turn to answer the questions from the host.
Teresa Tseng was trying to help one of the audience participants who seemed a little too nervous to be remembering her song lyrics well.
So Teresa tried again, redoubling her efforts and bending forward because the audience participant was so timid that she was barely audible in the noisy Jurong Point atrium.
Diya was encouraging one of the audience participants to choose his categories - apparently, the audience participants followed the same gameshow format - pick a category and choose one of the two songs behind that category to attempt to remember the lyrics after the guest performer has sung.
Shawn's turn in trying to help the audience participant.
Diya was singing her way to the designated portion before the audience participant must continue - sometimes it's just a phrase of three words whilst others can be as long as fourteen words.
The audience participant was trying very hard to assist the audience participant while the rest looked and cheered him on.
Carrie's turn to try and sing her portions while the audience participant was listening intently.
Teresa's turn to help another audience participant who also had some trouble remembering the lyrics but the overall roadshow was fun to watch most of the time.
Shawn's turn again and it was a very difficult song so Shawn was really trying very hard to make sure the audience participant could pick up from where he had left off from.
Jarod's turn to help the audience participant - who turned out to be Andrew aka Spicymac. The latter suddenly had a memory lapse and he took quite some time to remember and decide the lyrics portion he was supposed to remember.
Jarod was singing his portion again so that the audience participant could somehow remember the next line.
Diya was doing her signature marching steps again while the audience participant was trying to catch the song in tune.
Teresa seemed to be particularly "lucky" because the audience participants kept picking the categories in which she was the designated singer for those songs so she had to appear again and again to sing. Thankfully, she was well-prepared.
Shawn was trying to help a rather bored looking audience participant with his song.
I experimented with my camera to zoom in further but the pixels were not cooperating so I left the remaining pictures with their original settings except for this shot with Teresa and another audience participant who was looking for clues from the enthusiastic audience who were trying to help as well.

I tried to contact some of the more professional photographers on the Internet who had higher quality photos of the events but they wanted to be paid for the use of the photos but I did not have a budget for such photos on such a short notice. If my blog readers are interested, you can try to search Flickr for more roadshow pictures.

The roadshow ended at around 3pm and I left the place for another appointment. Catch the actual gameshow every Tuesday at 8pm if you are interested to sing how members of the public vied to crack their memories to remember their way to a grand prize of SGD$500,000.

Melben Seafood Dinner and Clark Quay Desserts with VIPs:

Yes, the waiting time was long but we were used to it so we entertained ourselves with jokes, chitchat interspersed with feedings of peanuts.
Strangely, it was the vegetables dish that was served up first.
The buns are deliciously spongy, oily on the outside but soft on the inside. One of my favorite side dishes when I dined there.
The Changed Man complained that the quality of these supposed yam sticks were not as good as they should have been but I was not too choosy as I was really hungry by then so I gobbled them down anyway.
The Married Soldier's wife was the main organizer so she ordered two types of crab dishes - this one being the butter crab.
The other crab dish being the soup-based crab. Both tasted heavenly with their huge pincers with incredulously succulent crab meat within. The pincers were already crushed before serving for easy access to the meat within. Yummy.
The aftermath of our Melben gathering with the VIPs - we were so full that we had to sacrifice the soup which was really tasty after all.
We proceeded to Clark Quay because someone suggested trying out a dessert restaurant there with wine-laced fruits and waffles. I was too full of dinner so I ordered a double chocolate mudcake and iced lemon tea while the other VIPs ordered some apple strudels, waffles with wine-soaked pears and some other drinks unidentifiable in the semi-darkness because we sat outside the restaurant along the main streets inside Clark Quay to watch the crowd move by. The place was choked with party-goers once the clock hit 11pm - sizzling people with sizzling outfits but it was really not suitable for anyone below 18 years old because the place would be smelling of alcohol and cigarette smoke as the night gets darker.

We adjourned for home after desserts as some of us had work to do the following morning.

Time to crash. Am really exhausted this week... Zzz....