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Sweetlovenat Collections Blogshop and OB Music Forest Scape Chinese Confession @ Orchard 23 Jan 2010

Sweetlovenat Collections Blogshop:

I am doing my friend, Natasha, a favor by helping her to advertise her new blogshop here. Yes, I know it's the fashionable entrepreneur thingy for most of the girls these days but I thought why not? It helps the girls to learn what a business start-up is all about. Without further ado, let me show my readers what I thought, as a guy, that a girl would look good in from Natasha's collection...

Elegant black and white combination. I like the flora pattern and the sheen of that small coat, which brings out that stylish-ness of the overall feel.
This outfit should be intended for the girl to look sweet but the fabric seems thicker than usual, which is probably a good thing since the girl won't freeze to death in those seriously cold air-conditioned places. Maybe I have a thing for black and white but this outfit looks good with black slacks.
Another prom-night inspired outfit. I think what would catch a guy's eye should be the folds and the sheen of the dress. With just a couple of accessories, this outfit should be quite a winner during those formal events.
This should be a semi-formal outfit, which I think would be suitable for outings which involve some up-class restaurants or places where a firmer dress code is good. I thought a matching handbag would be nice as well. =)

Impressed enough. Just click here to visit Natasha's blogshop to find out more about her collection.

OB Music Forest Scape Chinese Confession @ Orchard 23 Jan 2010:

To honour my promise to Miaoru, I had to took a taxi to rush down from work....I was already late from the traffic jam so by the time I reached the venue, it was already 8.15pm and the event had already started. There was already a crowd of nearly 100 around the stage along Orchard Road walkway from Wisma to Ngee Ann City so I had to find a suitable spot to take the photos and watch the performances. Please remember to cite me as the source of the photos if you decide to copy and paste them on other websites or profiles. ^__^

Lighting was bad from this angle. Some of the photos' quality were atrocious because of the humans walking past the stage so I had to keep deleting photos because the heads were in the way. I think most of the photographers there had the same problem too.
Miaoru looks nervous here from this photo. Haha.
Can't remember the names of all the singers yesterday night because there were no name cards to indicate who is singing what song. Although there was a deejay announcing, it's really difficult without an actual name list to tally with one's memory of those names.

This is the emcee taken with the backdrop "Sounds like Saturday". I thought he needs a little bit of work in warming up the crowd rather than just announcing items. Maybe it's the programme over-run he is worried about but wouldn't it be better to pack less performances but have a steadier flow of entertainment?
Singing ~~~

Some retro stagework here.
Well, this guy is doing something really difficult live - to sing and play an instrument at the same time. He needs practice because the moment he sings, he slows down his playing. Maybe he is really nervous with a hundred people staring at him...haha.
I thought he looked a little like Dai Yang Tian from this photo angle eh?
Sorry for the poor quality. I had to tiptoe to do this shot because people kept getting in my way without saying sorry.
A more stable shot capturing some stylized poses.
My camera is no good at capturing motion shots.
.... -__-"
Ah~~ she seems to be looking straight at me...gasps...
Another shot..beautiful smile she's got.
Miaoru again..singing a solo~~~

Maybe my camera has a hypnotic lens..performers' gaze are attracted to the camera somehow.
Another performer with a beautiful smile, though the performance was a little too girly for my taste.
Butt swinging~~~
Butt swinging again~~~

A duet performance~~~ sweet to hold hands..they seem the most natural duet compared to the ones I have seen later on in the night.

Another duet performance by even younger singers...
They tried to look intimate on the stage to look the part but it's not convincing enough..haha
The left side of the stage has not enough lighting...
Duet~~~ see how the duet performers are so afraid to even stand together to sing...

Finally, something better to show...the guy still looks pretty nervous..haha
Dancing real hard~~~
Shake those locks~~~
They sure looked they are enjoying themselves..I like dances which the performers smiled...
This is their dance instructor receiving an interview...
Some beatbox performer

Two beatbox performers strutting their stuff into the microphone..haha

Rotating the singers~~~

The girl on the right needs to pin up her hair..a quarter of her face is covered up. How would anyone remember what she looks like?


A solo piece...needs lots of confidence for such things...
A final pose before the end of their performance
A more memorable performance where the acting is better...

The shy boy trying to woo the shy girl~~~hahaha

Roses for every girl eh?
Two of the better performers that night capable of delivering Kit Chan's songs to a reasonable standard.

Some nifty chairwork onstage.
Butt shoving..hahaha
More hip shoving~~~
Forever fever?

A twelve year old girl trying to reach stardom...not bad singing for her age.
Another stronger performer with a reasonably good control of his falsetto reach.

They looked bored waiting for their turn..didn't even look at the audience...
My camera finally ran out of memory. So I had to leave. Overall, it's good to know that there are still young musicians and singers working hard to realize their dreams onstage. It's a valuable experience to sing at Orchard Road live, working through those less-than-desirable sound systems, having no proper chairs to sit down and cheering fellow performers.

Hope to see such performances more often in the future. Good work! ^__^

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